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Customer Service:


In observance of Labor Day, we will be closed Monday, September 5, 2022.

Our Technicians


Our trained technicians have the knowledge and skills that keep your equipment to quality standards. 
They keep your best interests top-of-mind in all they do.


Our trained technicians have the knowledge and skills that keep your equipment to quality standards. 

Please read more about our PS&C technician teams below. Please contact us for any questions you may have or more information about PS&C’S professional testing and services.


Petroleum Service & Calibration, Inc. ensures that qualified, certified and trained technicians perform your service requests and needs.

Our meter calibration programs follow strict annual renewal of license within every state where the service is performed. This program adheres to our strict certification policy.

PS&C technicians are thoroughly trained to inspect, test, evaluate and problem solve each type of test we perform and each type of problems we encounter. We offer in house support to our technicians and off site technical support for your systems.

Training is one of many of our top priorities, with our technicians being continuously trained in all aspects of this industry.

Safety is Number One! All technicians receive weekly and annual certifications in all safety aspects of their jobs. This includes site safety checks, OSHA training (certified trainer) all done to protect our technicians, staff and public while working on site or at the office.


Our technicians are well trained and certified to meet all federal, state and manufacturer regulations and requirements that have become a part of our industry standard and requirements.

Our office and support staff are top notch and go above and beyond to give you exceptional customer service.

– State Certified-Meter Calibration

– Third Party Certified in Manufacturer of Testing Equipment 

– Tank, Line & LD Testing

– Veeder Root

– Franklin Fueling

– Cathodic Protection

– EMCO Wheaton – Stage One Vapor Recovery

– OPW – Stage One Vapor Recovery

– Class AB Operator (SC)

– OSHA Compliant

Are you interested on being part of the PS&C team?

Our certified technician teams are only half of our dedicated staff here at PS&C. See more about our internal office support team.


Since 2000, Petroleum Service & Calibration, Inc. has been providing all compliance testing services. Whether its through visual inspections, monthly monitoring testing, underground storage tank compliance management to our meter calibrations; you will find our service technicians fully certified to meet the challenge of ensuring your compliance needs.