Containment Sump Integrity (UST-23B)

Containment sumps are one of your first protective defenses for pumps, piping and tank tops. These containments consist for UDC(s) & STP(s).

Containment sumps should be water tight, free of breaches and holes, making them durable against allowing product to enter the ground and environment should a leak occur.

Containment sumps serve a variety of functions:

- Containing leaks from submersible turbine pumps and piping components within the sump.
- Collecting and containing leakage from double-walled piping that enters the sumps.
- Containing spills that may occur during maintenance activities associated with components within the sumps.
- Keeping groundwater away from the components with the sumps in areas of high water tables.
- Isolating components from corrosive effects of subsurface moisture and soil.

According to the PEI/RP 900-08 manual there is a checklist that should be performed for containment sumps.
1. Any water or product removed properly
2. Sump is free of cracks, holes, bulges & other defects
3. Penetration fittings are intact and secured

PS&C can perform this check list for you. Our UST-Comp standard operating procedures performs both the visual inspection, as well as, the hydrostatic test for your sumps.

With the new Federal rules containment sump must be tested every three years if you are doing interstitial monitoring on the site.

PS&C has a fleet of small pump trucks to aid in this testing and giving you a cost savings.