Pump Truck (PCW or Water Removal)

PS&C now offers pumping of PCW water on site from all small containments (no-tank pumping). With this new addition to our fleet, PS&C strives to offer our customers quality services that meet current needs in our industry. Proper manifesting and transportation to disposal facilities is our standard.

PS&C is quickly becoming your one source for meeting all solutions that keep the environment uncontaminated, protection for your working components and offering you our customer the peace of mind in knowing your site is ready for your state inspections.

PS&C links this truck with our pre-inspection & inspection program; which allows our technicians to visit your sites before scheduled state inspections and then returning to meet the state inspector on site to assist.

Our proven safety and compliance relationship with you our customers shows exceptional record in this addition to our fleet.

Call today to discuss our preinspection & inspection program; linked with this new truck!